Legal Formalities in Used Car Dealings

When you are purchasing a used car, you have the same type of rights as the buyer of a new car. However there are some differences when it comes to legal formalities of the two transactions.

Find Problems After Sale

There are chances that you find some problems or hidden faults after you own your used Hyundai Santro Xing in Bangalore. In this case, whether you can make a complaint or not will depend on the age of the vehicle, the description that was provided to you by the seller at the time of sale. If you can prove that you trusted the seller’s description and paid the price in good faith then you have an upper hand in the dispute.

In such cases it is better that you file a complaint against the seller or dealer as soon as possible because your claim will depend on the condition of the car when you bought it. The delay can further deteriorate the condition and it would be hard for you to proceed further.

Seller Matters

The legal rights also depend on who you purchased the car from.

  • Authorized Dealer: In this case, a buyer has full protection from law. Under legal guidelines a dealer is prohibited from giving false information to the buyer or giving incomplete information.
  • Direct Seller: In this case, you as a buyer need to be able to prove that you made a financial transaction with the individual. Hence avoid cash payments and use a payment source that can be tracked. You can use a cheque or a banker’s draft.
  • Digital Platform: In this case, a buyer has the same rights as a buyer purchasing from an authorized dealer or a direct seller. You would have to take same precautions as in offline channels.


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